Kim Chace

Kim Chace, the owner of Ferocious Eyes, continues a 35-year career in the optical industry. Proficient in the fabrication of eyewear, as well as frame consulting, Kim is well equipped to craft your unique style in eyewear by providing premium lens options, coupled with frames manufactured from around the world.

Linda Lavigne

Linda Lavigne is the longest running employee, an Optician with 30 years’ experience in retail management. Linda joined the practice 13 years ago. Linda welcomes many returning customers by name and patiently guides them through the hundreds of frames to choose from.

Matty Steward

Matty Steward, affectionately known as “the Kilted Optician,” with half a century of optical experience, starting as a lens grinder in a wholesale lab. He understands the optical needs of an active lifestyle by participating in activities like bullseye shooting, trap and skeet, golf, bicycling, motorcycling, sailing, hiking, and camping.

Julie Consentino, with a career bridging 33 years, Julie has been providing quality eyewear for her patients, paying particular attention to their unique needs. After working in private offices, she opened her own venture, where she excelled as a premium eyewear dispenser.

Kim Chace
Julie Brooks
Matt Steward & Linda Lavigne